Toronto Necklace


Overflows Love


  • Length 18” + brooch 0.7” Aprox.
  • Silicon discs or Pucca + Chain 18k gold filled

  • Heart Pink 0.7”Aprox 

Garment Care

  • Your garment should be away from beauty products such as: Splash, perfumes, aerosols, creams, oils, among others.
  • Your garment should be away from any type of detergent.
  • You should avoid subjecting your garment to the following activities: Exercises, naps, beach or pool baths.
  • Remember to keep your piece in a safe place and thus avoid deterioration or damage to it, as well as: A jewelry box or container with a lid.
  • Following these recommendations you will be able to wear a clean and like new garment every day.

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